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Accuracy Matters

The Compass Family has moved our Corporate HQ to the Denver Technological Center.

We are excited about our upgraded facility with more space to support our staff as they return to our office per CDC guidelines.

We apologize for any downtime while we are settling in. If you are unable to get through to us, please send an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Experienced Problem Solvers

CompassDrone leverages its 25 year experience and industry knowledge to, above all provide complete drone solutions. First of all, we aim to support our customers through the process of setting up a drone program in their organization. CompassDrone realizes there’s more to a drone program than just the hardware. As a result, we provide the training to get certified as well as software, and services. Check out our parent company CompassData to see what other ways we can help you and your organization.

Complete Drone Solutions

Mapping with a drone can cut your time on a survey project down by 75%! Due to this, you can see your ROI in just a few short days. Therefore, your organization should have complete drone solutions in place. Finally, this innovative technology is paired with a high-resolution camera enabling detailed mapping capabilities.

One Stop Shop

We offer a wide range of hardware, software, and training options for complete drone solutions. Whether you’re using your drone for mapping, search, and rescue, or some other industrial application, we have you covered. Combine your hardware purchase with software and training for a one-stop-shop solution.

Part 107 Training

The Part 107 training course has been built by FAA Certified Flight Instructors. Therefore, it is based off years of experience working with manned aircraft pilots.

Each module will include a large lesson such as airspace, paired with a smaller lesson for better information retention. This unique approach will above all yield a more confident remote pilot.


There’s more to see out there than what catches the naked eye. FLIR describes itself as the world’s sixth sense, seeing and avoiding things you didn’t realize we’re in front of you. Ask us about our FLIR lineup and let us help you increase your safety and efficiency with the best perception and awareness technology on the market.


Whether you’re mapping long linear infrastructure, mapping sites covered by a dense canopy, or need to map at night, LiDAR is your answer. Things that used to be incredibly time consuming or downright impossible are now fast and easy thanks to LiDAR technology. We have the hardware, software, and know-how to provide you with the solution to your problems.

Drone Services

High Accuracy Drone Services for mapping and other applications is a skill CompassDrone has been honing for the past 5 years. CompassDrone is above all a premier provider of drone services, across a multitude of industries. We are able to provide high accuracy products for customers who  most importantly are looking for more than just aerial photography.


  • It was one of the most informative and effective training I have been to in my 10 years of law enforcement.  The instructors should be commended for taking the amount of information and condensing into relevant easily applied content for the certification and implementation of an sUAS program. Again thanks for the chance to attend. ~Stephen Hellman


    Detective Sergeant — Teller County Sheriff

  • After calling other vendors, CompassDrone was the only one that focused on what I needed to be successful in drone mapping.  They helped me get trained and licensed and then helped me get the drone that I needed for my projects.  I felt they were more concerned with our success than a sale. ~Destry Dearden


  • CompassDrone training was excellent.  The material was well-organized and augmented by the knowledge of an exceptional instructor. Dynamic class participation brought the material to life. ~Karen Brandt  

    City and County of Broomfield

    GIS Data Administrator & Information Technology — City and County of Broomfield

    City and County of Broomfield
  • After signing up for part 107 training I was not sure what to expect, I knew it was to help pass the FAA part 107 test but did not know the full depth of it. The class was well organized and the instructors really knew their stuff. Cayce Batterson and Donald Schlatter (the instructors) went above and beyond just reading slides of information that will assist us with passing the test even providing sample questions. They shared personal stores and real-life scenarios that they have faced and that we could potentially face. Both men being Airlife Denver pilots gave insight into how sUAS systems can affect their safety on the job. Even if you are just a hobbyist and are not planning to fly commercially I would still highly recommend taking this course so you are aware of what is going on around you in the sky and how to properly operate your drone. ~Talon Matthews, CSU Student


    Student — CSU