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Why CompassDrone?

CompassDrone leverages its 25 year experience and industry knowledge to provide complete drone solutions. First of all, we aim to support our customers through the process of setting up a drone program in their organization. CompassDrone realizes there’s more to a drone program than just the hardware. As a result, we provide the training to get certified as well as software, and services.

CompassDrone Works

Mapping with a drone can cut your time on a survey project down by 75%! Due to this you can see your ROI in just a few short days. Therefore, your organization should have complete drone solutions in place. Finally, this innovative technology is paired with a high resolution camera enabling detailed mapping capabilities.

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We offer a wide range of hardware, software, and training options for complete drone solutions. Whether you’re using your drone for mapping, search and rescue, or some other industrial application, we have you covered. Combine you hardware purchase with software and training for a one stop shop solution.

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