Why CompassDrone?

CompassDrone provides the leading industrial geospatial aerial imaging technology.  From fixed to rotary wing drones, custom kits to out of the box solutions, survey to mapping grade accuracy, you name it we can help! We aim to empower our clients to make informed decisions to improve efficiency & accuracy using our UAS/UAV systems for accuracy mapping, survey collection, mining industry applications and more

CompassDrone Works

See your ROI in just a few short days because mapping with a drone can cut your time on a survey project down by 75% or more! Drones are the perfect solution for accurate, near-ground aerial mapping. This innovative technology is paired with a high resolution camera enabling detailed mapping capabilities never before possible. Using our UAS/UAV systems produces your ROI quickly, contact us to find out how!

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Browse through our selection of fixed wing and rotary wing drones!  We offer a wide range of hardware and software solutions.  Buy a drone stand-alone, buy a drone kit or custom build a drone kit unique to your solution needs!  Whether you’re using your drone for accuracy mapping, survey collection, search and rescue or some other industrial application, we have you covered!

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