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With 25 years of geospatial experience and 7 years of drone mapping consulting, the Compass Family of companies would like to introduce CompassDrone! We provide things like drones, sensors, software, training, and services; CompassDrone is your one-stop-shop! As the 1st industrial and geospatial dealer for DJI we focus on empowering mapping professionals to deliver drone-based solutions to their clients.


In an industry that is constantly changing, there are bound to be many uncertainties, such as regulatory changes. You can leverage CompassDrone’s experience, thus avoiding making costly mistakes and going down the wrong path. Which drone works for you and which doesn’t certainly isn’t immediately obvious to everyone. We have seen costly mistakes play out and therefore can help you avoid the same fate. There is more to setting up a drone program than just the drone; that’s when we come in. Finding the right solution for you involves a combination of things like hardware, software, and training tailored to your industry.


CompassDrone and our partners at CompassData have over 25 years of experience with aerial and ground based mapping solutions. We have adopted drones as the technology has improved, rather that jump into the industry after it evolved. Because of this, we have a treasure trove of experiences.  We tap into this  to come up with solutions for our clients. We’re here to solve problems and make people happy!


As a rated pilot and commercial operator you need to make sure you safely conduct your drone mapping projects within federal regulations. CompassDrone provides FAA Part 107 training and flight rule consulting to ensure you are operating safely. CompassDrone will help you with your insurance requirements to support equipment damage, theft, and liability.  Unlike hobbyists, professional organizations must be concerned with the liability of flying drones over project areas. Professionals meet stringent requirements and need industrial-grade systems to ensure safe operation and dependable results. CompassDrone’s mission is to make you successful to conduct your projects safely, within government regulations.