DJI Enterprise Software are DJI’s own software solutions. They have been designed based on years of experience working with professionals across multiple industries. There are many software options out there, but DJI aims to be your one stop shop for all aspects of drone operations.


Why DJI Enterprise Software?

As useful and innovative as this new hardware is, it’s nothing without the software. We talk about, these drones being tools, not toys. As such, they come with a suite of software options, depending on what industry you are in. Enterprise software builds on what many free apps out there offer. The solutions they offer are a step above the regular software and consist of things like massive amounts of data storage and processing.

Which DJI Enterprise Software?

This depends first and foremost on your industry. Secondly, it is a personal preference that one might not be able to explain. We aim to steer you down the right path and help you avoid making costly choices. The drone experts at CompassDrone has worked with just about every industry imaginable. That is why we know there is no one app that will solve the problem for everyone. Let us help you choose in order to save you time and money.

What else?

There’s more to a comprehensive drone solution than just the drone. Some drones can carry multiple cameras and you might consider several sensors for your work. Some have capabilities you simply don’t need, and you shouldn’t be spending the extra money. In addition, there a dozens of software solutions out there depending on your needs. Some analyze vegetation, some help you build 3D models. Talking to people with experience will help you navigate the confusing world of drone apps and software solutions and find the one that’s right for you.

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