Complete Incident Response Recovery Unmanned Aerial System

Step 1. Use a DJI drone and record a video with the app.

Step 2. Stop the video and email yourself the video log.

Step 3. Feed the video and the FMV Log to Esri's Multiplexer. That's it! This also works with FLIR Thermal Cameras.

Supports DJI airframes. The video files can be as large as you want.

Why CIRRUAS? What does the name mean?

Complete Incident Response Recovery Unmanned Aerial Solution. FMV is a great tool, but the app does a lot more.  The app is a cornerstone for the complete drone program.

What's with the logo?

The logo represents our never before seen – 4 pattern flight mission.

Actually an app that will fly 4 missions in a sequence has not existed until now.

With one button click, the drone will fly a circle – grid – circle -circle combination mission.

How is a circle, grid, circle, circle mission useful?

Cars are very hard to 3D model with a drone.  Typically the car looks like a marshmallow after processing.

The CIRRUAS circle – grid – circle – circle mission is the best way to 3D model a car or small car accident.

What else will the Combination Mission work on?

The Combination Mission also works great on buildings and other vertical structures.

The CIRRUAS app does a few other things, so download it on Google Play when you are ready to make better 3D models and start using Full Motion Video.

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