Zenmuse Z30 Zoom Camera

30x optical and 6x digital zoom for a total magnification up to 180x

Cell Tower Inspection – Wind Turbine Inspection – Firefighting

Zenmuse Z30 Zoom Camera is the most powerful aerial sensor, use to inspect at a distance. It enables you to get a detailed look at structures, wires, modules and components to detect damage. Use this zoom camera for cell tower inspections, wind turbine inspection, and firefighting to reduce risk of harm.

Z30 Intro

Z30 Zooming

Mounting Process

Welcome to worry free inspections with the DJI Zenmuse Z30

Key specifications for the Zenmuse Z30

This is a new line of Industrial grade products built by DJI for professionals.

  • 30x Optical Zoom with 6x digital zoom
  • HD 1080p Video at 30FPS
  • Single Shot, Burst Shot and Timelapse photos
  • Tilt +30 to -90 degrees
  • Operating Temperature 14 to 113 F ( -10 to 45 C)
  • TapZoom – Automatic Zoom
  • 0.01 degree gimbal stabilization

Compatible with the Matrice 100 & Matrice 600 Industrial Airframes


  • 30X Optical Zoom
  • 6X Digital Zoom
  • Total magnification of 180X
  • Inspect cell towers, wind turbines, and more
  • Works with Matrice platform

Questions About the Zenmuse Z30 Zoom Camera?

Zenmuse Z30 Zoom Camera

The Z30 is not only effective, but also affordable. Surely, no where else will you find a zoom camera with these capabilities at this price. Moreover, CompassDrone has many interesting use cases where the zoom capabilities of the Z30 have come in handy.

Public Safety Focused

Especially in public safety do we see several uses for this camera. It can allow search and rescue parties to see more from the same spot, so as to cover a greater are on less battery. It allows law enforcement to stand back and increase safety when dealing with potentially dangerous criminals.

Other Uses

Aside from law enforcement, inspections are another application where this camera is uniquely positioned. Significantly increasing efficiency for it’s users. Not only efficiency, but also safety, as it allows the operator to observe from the ground.