Compass Verification & Validation Tools

It has always been a CompassDrone differentiator that we as professionals understand the collection and processing standards necessary for providing accurate ortho-photos, DEMs and LiDAR data deliverables that meet or exceed the client’s project requirements.  A critical part of that exceptional process is the use of CompassDrone’s data verification and validation CompassAA and CompassTA software tools.  CompassAA and CompassTA are designed to provide a consistent quality check that will measure data accuracy by industry accepted statistical standards.  And they can also produce detailed professional reports necessary for documenting the accuracy of your UAS deliverables.

  • CompassAA  Is your aerial imagery and satellite data accurate? Verify accuracy and quality automatically with CompassAA™
  • CompassTA  Is your LiDAR and elevation data accurate? Verify accuracy and quality automatically with CompassTA™
  • CompassMapper  Transform drone acquired pixels into real-world answers with CompassMapper™