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Our Services Filing for FAA Drone Exemption

The rules and regulations have recently changed regarding FAA drone exemption. However there is still only one path to legal operation provided by the FAA. This is now a two-step process (exemption filing and registration) and does not necessarily done in any order. All steps still need to be completed for legal operation however.

The countdown to legal operation (currently up to 4 months) does not start until you have submitted a Sec 333 Exemption/Rule-making Request. You will also have to wait for it to appear on regulations.gov. This is what we at CompassDrone do. We can help you get FAA drone exemption so that you can operate your UAS legally.

We can submit your Section 333 Exemption/Rule-making Request which will allow you to operate any system on the FAA’s Approved List of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) within 5 Business Days. COA’s for civil agencies require a bit more time, but can also be submitted and completed rather quickly.

If you need additional assistance with any aspect of acquiring your FAA drone exemption such as compliance documents, SOP’s, Flight Logs, Maintenance Logs, and Incident Reporting Logs we can help. We provide these services as well.