Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 107 Training Overview

The intent of this Part 107 course is to provide resources and a solid foundation of aeronautical knowledge so that the attendee can later pass the Unmanned Aircraft General Exam and operate sUAS safely. The course will be led by commercial pilots with at least 5 to 10 years of flight instruction on manned aircraft. Attendees will be able to ask questions and receive answers that are based off years of actual flight experience and real-world examples.

The course has been built by FAA Certified Flight Instructors based off years of experience working with manned aircraft pilots. Each module will include a large lesson such as Airspace, paired with a smaller lesson for better information retention. This unique approach will yield a more confident Remote Pilot.

Following the course, attendees will have instruction on:
• FAA Testing Facilities
• FAA IACRA website
• Links to Additional Study material
• Airspace Waiver Application

About The Instructors

Cayce Batterson was born and raised in Franktown, CO.  He began his flying career in 2003 while living and going to school in Utah.  He is rated as an Airline Transport Pilot as well as an Instructor and Instrument instructor in helicopters with over 4500 hours of flight experience and over 2500 hours of instruction given.  He is a Designated Pilot Examiner for the Denver FAA Flight Standards District Office, one of two people in the Colorado-Wyoming area certified to issue helicopter certificates to aspiring pilots.  He has flown the some of the smallest and largest helicopters in the world to include the CH54 Skycrane.   Cayce has served as a Chief Instructor, Fire pilot, Tour pilot, and he has spent the last 8 years flying Emergency Medical missions in Colorado, Wyoming, and New Mexico.  Cayce now works for Airlife Denver where he serves as a Base Lead Pilot and Safety Officer for the program.  Cayce Founded Copters for a Cause in 2008, a non-profit that utilizes helicopters to help with fundraising, community support, and education for the local community.   When he is not flying, he enjoys spending time with his wife Staci, daughter Charlotte, and his three dogs.

Donald Schlatter was born and raised in Colorado. After working for Douglas County for many years, Donald decided he wanted to fly. He began his career here in Colorado, instructing in the high altitude environment. Donald moved on to serve as an instructor at the University of North Dakota, where he served on the board for the Aviation Program and was tasked with restructuring their flight training program. While there he was tasked with training students from Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of the Interior, as well as Saudi Armco, and Army ROTC students. Donald has also worked as a tour pilot in the Black Hills of South Dakota as well as Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. For the last two years, Donald has worked as a pilot for Airlife Denver throughout Colorado and Wyoming providing emergency medical services to the local community. He holds Commercial pilot, Instructor, and Instrument Instructor ratings in helicopters. Donald helped found Copters for a Cause, a non-profit that utilizes helicopters to help with fundraising, community support, and education for the local community. When he is not flying, Donald enjoys spending time with his Wife Katherine and two children Mason and Aubrey.

We look forward to you joining us and promoting safe and successful operation of sUAS under 14 CFR Part Part 107.

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When: July 25th-27th @8-4pm
Where: CompassDrone Headquarter

After registration, attendees will be provided with pre-course study material. This will allow attendees to become familiar with terminology, and bring focused questions to the course. This pre-study allows the course to be condensed into just 3 days.

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