Inspire 1 Series

Inspire 1 Series is soon to be your “Old Reliable”


Regardless of which of the Inspire 1 series you go with, it will soon become your favorite system.   For the first few jobs, you will call it the “new drone”.  After you complete several successful projects you will call it the awesome drone.  A few months from now you will to call it “Old Reliable”.  When the job is tough or complex, you will find yourself reaching for the DJI Inspire 1 series.

Your DJI Inspire will show up ready for work.  There is no assembly, so you will just need to charge the batteries and upgrade firmware.  The case is included with the purchase, so you have one organized place for batteries, cameras and chargers.  The case has room for 4 or 5 extra batteries, so the All Day Flight bundle is something to look into.

The Inspire 1 v2.0 comes with the 12 megapixel Zenmuse X3 camera, and the Inspire 1 Pro comes with the 16 megapixel Zenmuse X5 camera.  Both Zenmuse cameras will shoot 4K video.

Once on the job, it will only take minutes to prepare your Inspire for flight.  The Zenmuse camera and the 4 propellers are locked in place with a simple twist.  Slide in a battery and you are ready to work.

Aerial video and photography are easy work for this system, but the Inspire 1 v2.0 and the Inspire 1 Pro are supported by pretty much every mapping app on the market.  Basically you draw a box around your area of interest and set the resolution you want, and the app will go fly the job for you.  These apps even handle take off and landing.  If something out of the ordinary happens, you just change the flight mode an you are back in manual control.  By using these apps with your Inspire 1 Series you are able to create 3D digital surface models and orthomosaic images for use in mapping and survey.

Unleash your creativity with the DJI Inspire 1

This powerful, lightweight, and stable is the latest in aerial technology packed into one simple, ready-to-fly system.

  • Carbon fiber arms: Strength to maneuver in the air but moves out of the camera’s way
  • 360° unobstructed view: Capture shots independent of the direction you are flying
  • 13″ quick release rotors (unique DJI Z-Blade design): Excellent performance with increased stability
  • New ESC (Electronic Speed Control): Offers closed loop torque control
  • Reportable battery
  • Filesafe

Uses positioning system and smart flight technology to return back to you if battery runs low or connection to controller is lost.

Compatible Cameras

Zenmuse X5 Series


Zenmuse XT Series

Zenmuse XT Series