Swift Lynx

Fly professionally, Safely and Consistently

Lynx is a small UAS designed for aerial mapping and surveys. A flight time of three hours is industry leading and allows areas up to 8 sq km (almost 2,000 acres) to be mapped in a single flight.  Lynx’s design is simple, and its Kevlar construction is extremely durable. Flying from confined areas is possible with a hand launch takeoff and vertical deep-stall landing.

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  • Weight:  3.2 – 3.8 kg
  • Wingspan:  2.3 m
  • Endurance:  3 hours with 24 MP payload
  • Powerplant:  Electric motor
  • Flight Controller:  Pixhawk/APM:Plane
  • Takeoff:  Hand launch
  • Landing:  Deep-stall
  • Wind Limit:  46 km/hr (25 knots)
  • Telemetry Range:  5 km
  • Telemetry Freq:  915 MHz
  • RC Freq (safety pilot):  2.4 Ghz

Launch the Lynx by Hand

Lynx M High Altitude Takeoff (14,110 ft)

Lynx M: Handlaunch and Deepstall Recovery

Why the Swift Lynx?

  • 3 hour flight time
  • Swappable camera payloads
  • Hand launch takeoff
  • Vertical deep-stall landing
  • Autonomous navigation, takeoff, and landing
  • In-flight failsafes
  • Throttle safety key and takeoff button
  • Tool-less assembly with break away components
  • Hybrid foam/Kevlar construction
  • Electric propulsion