Drone Stalls

Drone takes off to 4 feet and then stalls or sits there.

This occurs because of 1 of 2 reasons:

#1 – You are in the wrong intelligent flight mode.

For devices newer than Phantom 4 we recommend flying in P mode.

For devices older than Phantom 4 we recommend flying in F mode.


OcuSync type controllers like the Mavic work best in P mode for autonomous flight missions and can be switched to S mode if you need to take control


We will prompt an error, and give you a gentle reminder.


If you are in the proper flight mode and the drone still stalls after take off, then this is a known issue that is intermittent and hard to trouble shoot.  Allow the app to launch the drone, then fly the drone 1 foot higher.  The flight controller should take over and continue the mission.