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Ready-to-fly Inspiire-1 Pro Drone for mapping professionals

Equipped with the steady SENMUSE-X5 gimbal & camera and operability with several mapping image acquisition app’s this system is ideal for mapping missions for the professional.

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CompassMapper™ Cloud Processing for drone acquired images

Several subscriptions options available for rapid data processing, for the busy mapping professional who requires quality data without the headache of learning the details of photogrammetry.

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CompassV&V Software Suite for accuracy assurance of your drone data

Easy to use software for verifying horizontal and vertical accuracy of your data, powerful reports generated that tell a story about your data that you can stand behind.

***Bundles can be purchased individually.
  • Drone Mapping Bundles Inspire 1 V2.0  With this complete mapping solution, you will never view a project the same way again! CompassDrone now has a fully integrated solution for the GIS mapping professional.  Analyze, process, and produce large amounts of data in minutes, not days and make it fit your custom needs.  By leveraging the software solutions packages, GIS professionals can quickly create high-resolution imagery, digital elevation models, and interactive 3D visualizations to make informed decisions. Formats are compatible with industry-standard GIS software and designed to import seamlessly in current applications.  In addition, sharing the final products across an organization adds value to the aerial system and the wide variety of the data that can be collected. Topo Generation: Autonomous flight’s capturing
  • Agriculture Bundle  Next generation data capture simplified with CompassDrone.Increase productivity with a CompassDrone Agg package that is ready for NDVI data acquisition. With the CompassDrone Agg package customers can acquire imagery then utilize CompassMapper algorithms to extract meaningful information like crop health, over saturation, biomass analysis, invasive weed identification…. and more!
  • Drone Mapping Bundles Inspire 1 Pro  Next generation, rapid data capture tools are here and easy to operate. Bundling the best-in-class photogrammetric technologies and our very own accuracy analysis software we provide professional tools for actionable data resulting in real world answers.Complement your survey workflow and capture more data with Drones.
  • First Responder Drone Bundles
  • Drone Mapping Bundles Matrice 600


Compass Verification & Validation Tools

It has always been a CompassDrone differentiator that we as professionals understand the collection and processing standards necessary for providing accurate ortho-photos, DEMs and LiDAR data deliverables that meet or exceed the client’s project requirements.  A critical part of that exceptional process is the use of CompassDrone’s data verification and validation CompassAA and CompassTAsoftware tools.  CompassAA and CompassTA are designed to provide a consistent quality check that will measure data accuracy by industry accepted statistical standards.  And they can also produce detailed professional reports necessary for documenting the accuracy of your UAS deliverables.