DJI Android Connection Issues

Android Device Connectivity Troubleshoot

USB defaults and USB configuration can cause frustration when connecting a DJI to an Android device.

Some useful tips to help:

  1. Turn on the DJI Controller First
  2. Turn on the Drone
  3. Unlock or wake up the Android device
  4. Connect the USB cord to the DJI Controller

If Nothing Happens:

  1. Make sure your Android cable is for charging and for data. Some of the cheaper cables are charge only.
  2. If you know the cord is good, then skip down the page

Typically you should get a response like this:


If you get the option, select “Just Once”.

Some android operating systems will not give you the “just once” option, so the first option you choose will become the default.  You will need to clear the default in order to switch applications.

Switching Apps:

  1. Close the app you were using.
  2. Go to the Android settings.

(Usually, you can swipe down on the top of the screen and tap on the gear icon)


Tap Apps, then Application Manager:

Scroll down and find the app you were using (tap on it), then scroll down and tap on “Set as Default”:

Disconnect & Reconnect the USB Cable from the DJI controller and you should now be able to switch apps:

Select Clear Defaults

(Developer options are hidden by default, but on most devices, you can tap “About Phone”, then find the build number and tap on the build number 7 times to un-hide developer options)


In Developer options scroll down and tap USB Configuration:


Select RNDIS (USB Ethernet)

Unhook & Re-hook your USB cord from your DJI controller, and you should be able to use DJI apps with your android device.

If you are still having trouble, then please watch this video:

CIRRUAS Android Connection Issues