1 Tap Go !

The drone will not take off after 1 tap GO!

There are a variety of reasons your DJI may not want to take off.  The CIRRUAS app will prompt you for common errors, but there are a few that we can not access.

Your quickest route is to open DJI Go 4 or DJI Go and get a 2nd opinion on the situation.

Some common reasons:

#1 Your Battery is too hot or too cold:


#2 – You may be in a No Fly Zone.  The DJI Geo System may have you locked down.  This is a setting stored on the drone, so no amount of reboots will help you.

If you are a rated pilot (107) you can request an authorization through LAANC here.

You may still need to request an unlock from DJI here.

#3 – You may have a Compass/GPS/IMU error that we did not catch, so close CIRRUAS and Open DJI Go and see if they will provide any more insight.


Also, check our error log. We may be telling you the answer.


If all else fails, close CIRRUAS and open DJI Go or DJI Go 4.