Part 107 Help

Effective 8/29/2016 it will be easier for business to fly Drones under Part 107 Regulations.

Here is a summary of the Small UAS Rule (Part 107), complete text here.

Step 1 is to pay the fee, and pass the FAA Airman Knowledge Test :

knowledge test


The best training at this early stage of Part 107 is to create an account at, and take the Part 107 UAS Course.

Also – the  FAA has a sample test which refers to the Airman Knowledge Testing Supplement for most questions.

If the web training and practice test are not enough, you should consider enrolling in a FAA Approved ground school.  Many of them offer night classes for around $300.

When you are ready, call your nearest FAA testing Center and make an appointment.

After the test you complete FAA Form 8710-13, and the remote pilot certificate shows up in the mail.

More info to come as it is available.