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Phantom 3 SE
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Phantom 3 Series


With the DJI Phantom 3 Series, you can get a sleek flying camera and the ultimate worry free flying experience for your mapping needs!

  • Phantom 3 SE A 4K Drone for Everyone
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Product Description

The DJI Phantom 3 Series Are Very Intelligent And Easy To Fly Systems

DJI has packed a ton of technology into the Phantom 3 so you can fly with confidence on any of the DJI Phantom 3 series.

Features like GPS-Assisted Hover, Return to Home, and Intelligent flight Batteries will help you to fly this system safely even though you are not an expert.

The GPS-Assisted hover means you are not constantly having to “fly” this drone.  You can lift any of the DJI Phantom 3 Series off the ground a few feet, and it will stay there until you tell it to do something with the control sticks.  If you never touched the control sticks, the Phantom 3 would just hover for 20+ minutes and then return to home when the battery got low.  The GPS-Assisted hover will also help if your get confused.  Just let off the control sticks and the Phantom 3 will hover in place while you plan your next move.

The Return to home feature means your DJI Phantom 3 series will mark the GPS location where the craft is turned on (home point), and return there if the battery gets low or if the link to the controller is lost.

The upgraded Intelligent Flight Battery has built-in sensors and bright LED’s that let you know the status and remaining power of your battery in real time.  You can also connect the controller to a smart phone or tablet, and use the DJI Go Application to get an exact percentage of battery life remaining in real time.

The Phantom 3 Professional, Advanced and 4K have a Vision Positioning System helps you fly.  The Vision Positioning System is a downward facing sensor that helps the Phantom 3 to hover more accurately.

The DJI Phantom 3 series will processes information from every sensor and completes complex calculations in real time.

The Phantom 3 Advanced and Professional are compatible with many mapping and 3D modeling applications.


The Phantom 3 Series is a great place for beginners to start.  It is also a reliable airframe for professionals to get work done.

See the comparison below for more details, or see the datasheet for full info.


P3 Standard comparison



Phantom 3 Datasheet