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• 8 Credits of Cloud Processing for Drone Acquired Images (Includes 4 unique GeoBit targets)
• 20 Credit of Cloud Processing for Drone Acquired Images (Includes 6 unique GeoBit targets)
• 50 Credit of Cloud Processing for Drone Acquired Images (Includes 10 unique GeoBit targets)

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Product Description

Capture, Upload, & Gain Insight

Transform drone acquired pixels into real world answers with CompassMapper! CompassMapper is a cloud processing, photogrammetric solutions that can be bundled with your Drone purchase. Leveraging cloud computing and smart algorithms users can go from field to desktop quickly, resulting in actionable data fit for the common operating picture of mapping professionals.

Geospatial derivatives formatted for easy ingest. 2D ortho’s, 3D models, colorized point clouds, DSM…. All  ready for measurement, analysis, and an overall enhanced view of your project.

CompassMapper graph

Job credits are valid for up to 1 square kilometer areas (247 acres). Uploaded data must be acquired with sufficient forward-lap and side-lap. Camera setting must comply with suggested parameters per the detailed instructions. Uploaded data will retain on server for no longer than one week from completion.

GeoBits GCP Target System

In a world or robotics and autonomous procedures why limit the automation to just acquisition. Save time using our computer vision assisted GCP target identification and sub-pixel centroid calculation. Proprietary computer vision algorithms built to detect geoBit targets from a wide range of elevations and any camera. Introducing geoBits into your drone workflows removes the human error introduced by-way-of automatically identifying surveyed control, resulting in the best possible results.