Drone Mapping Bundles Inspire 1 Pro


Drone Mapping Bundles Inspire 1 Pro

• Inspire 1 Pro Precision Bundle Standard
• Inspire 1 Pro Precision Bundle Standard with Centimeter GPS
• Inspire 1 Pro Precision Bundle Professional
• Inspire 1 Pro Precision Bundle Professional with Centimeter GPS

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Drone Mapping Bundles Inspire 1 Pro

Next generation, rapid data capture tools are here and easy to operate. Bundling the best-in-class photogrammetric technologies and our very own accuracy analysis software we provide professional tools for actionable data resulting in real world answers.Complement your survey workflow and capture more data with Drones.

Key Features

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Ready-to-fly Inspiire-1 Pro Drone for mapping professionals

Equipped with the steady SENMUSE-X5 gimbal & camera and operability with several mapping image acquisition app’s this system is ideal for mapping missions for the professional.



CompassMapperCloud Processing For Drone Acquired Images

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Several subscriptions options available for rapid data processing, for the busy mapping professional who requires quality data without the headache of learning the details of photogrammetry.


Mapping Bundle CompassV&V Detail

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With this bundle CompassV&V software tools for both horizontal and vertical accuracy are included for 6 months with unlimited use, highlights listed below:

  • Comprehensive orthophoto verification and QC review tool.
  • Professional Documentation: support the accuracy and quality of products.
  • Differentiate Yourself from the Competition: Cost effectively verify that all ortho products meet specs and produce the standardized reports to prove it.
  • Compliance: Statistical results satisfy all major accuracy standards (NSSDA, ASPRS, NMAS, and MIL).
  • No Lost Time: Quickly installed and mastered, with CompassAA your team can implement and produce within hours.
  • Standalone: Does not depend on other software tools or platforms for implementation and operation.
  • Shared Analytics: Accuracy and QC results are easily understood by producers, customers, and users.