M100 Smarter Farming

Agriculture Bundles


Agriculture Bundles:

  • M100 Smarter Farming

Product Description

Agriculture Bundles

Next generation data capture simplified with CompassDrone. Increase productivity with a CompassDrone Agriculture package that is ready for NDVI data acquisition. With the CompassDrone Agriculture package customers can acquire imagery then utilize CompassMapper algorithms to extract meaningful information like crop health, over saturation, biomass analysis, invasive weed identification…. and more!

Key Features

  • Ready-To-Fy Inspire 1 V2.0
  • System With Extra Batteries
  • 1 Professional Travel Case
  • 1-Year License Of DataMapper Cloud Processing
  • INFLIGHT Software Mobile App
  • 1 Visual Sensor
  • 1 Multispectral Sensor

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