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We set out to design a robust Android Application for flying DJI Drones.  We have created truly unique application for 3D modeling vertical features, plotting drone videos on a map, and also included basic grid and circular mapping patterns.

Table of Contents

Mobile Device Support

Supported Drones


Quick Start:

Mapping Mission

Full Motion Video (FMV) Mission



The Full Story And Some Flight Basics

You have Control

Planning a Grid Mission

Planning an Orbit Mission

Planning a Combination Mission

Free Flight Planning

Setting up for a FMV Mission

Camera Settings

Other Settings



Known Issues

Error Logs and Reporting

Problems Connecting to CIRRUAS



Supported Mobile Devices



Supported Drones

Current DJI Airframes on the Current Version of Firmware will preform best in the CIRRUAS App;

Quick Start

Quick Start – Mapping Mission

Select Flight Mission:


Tap the cross to Zoom in on your location

Cirruas_flightTap the Imagery Icon to switch to an image background


Use the slider to set your flight elevation

set_elevationThen Click Choose to select your mission type


Tap and hold on the Green and Red dots to adjust your flight Plan

(you are the blue dot and the pink drone is your drone)

adjust_missionWhen you like everything – Tap GO

(Might be a good idea to look up before launching and avoid hitting a tree or power line)








The drone will do a quick safety check, then take off.

You can Take Control of the drone at any time, or the drone will return home and land when it has finished the mission.

See below for more detail, or watch this video:

CIRRUAS Combination Mission

Quick Start

Quick Start – Full Motion Video (FMV) Mission


Connect your drone – Open the Cirruas App – and select flight mission


Mission Type

Tap on the ” i” Information/Settings button


Scroll down to Camera settings

cirruas_camera_settingsThen scroll down to Advanced Camera Settings and set the video to record 1080p at 30 fps – Then click Done to apply the change.


Use the Android back button to go back to the map screen.

You can start the FMV video by clicking on the live video screen (eyeball)

Then tap record


Or you can tap Choose > Free Flight

CIRRUAS_ChooseThen Tap Video








You will have to launch and land the drone manually, but fly and record as long as you like.

Stop the video when you are done

StartVideoRecordThen tap Info


Find the Video Info Log

video_logTap and hold to send yourself the log








If you need more information, see the full FMV info below, or watch these videos:


CIRRUAS FMV Data Capture

CIRRUAS Office Workflow

The Full Story & Flight Basics

You can take control any time during any CIRRUAS Mission.

Normally your will be flying in P Mode on Newer DJI Systems



And F mode on older DJI Systems



The Mavic and Spark only have P & S

DJI-controllerSo.. fly in P








If you encounter any kind of problem during the mission – you can switch from P to S – Or F to P and take manual control of the drone.

You might stay away from A mode unless you are an expert.  A or Atti mode turns off GPS and Collision Avoidance sensors so the drone will drift off in a slight wind.

Stick with P/F/S and you will be in good shape

The Full Story - Grid Missions

In the old days it was amazing to have an app that would fly a drone in a uniform grid.

Today Grid Missions are best for mapping large areas, terrain, and stockpile volumes.

These Projects come in all different shapes and sizes, so we built a rectangular grid



and a custom grid.



Our regular grid mission may look a little strange, but this is on purpose.  The drone wastes a lot of time navigating the corners, so we eliminated the corners.

Use the Grid mission if your project is rectangular

cirruas_gridUse the Custom Grid if the Project is oddly shaped



Prior to taking off , you may want to adjust 3 settings.

Obviously adjust your Flight Height to clear the tallest obstacle on your project site.

set_elevationYour flight height also needs to be high enough to provide sufficient overlap.  You can take off from the high side of your project, or if you have to take off from the low side of the project, you can adjust your Image Overlap.  Our default is 70% forward and 70% side lap.  This will work in most cases, but you can bump this up if it is super windy.cirruas_overlap



Finally, you might adjust your camera settings.

cirruas_camera_settingsAutomatic white balance, ISO and exposure work most of the time, but you can adjust these settings within the CIRRUAS app when conditions are tough.  Scroll down and tap advanced camera settings to expose all the controls.



When you are ready you can tap Go.  After clearing the safety check the Drone will take off and fly straight up to the altitude you set.

The drone will then fly the grid mission, and return home at the altitude you set.


* Pro Tip – Can the CIRRUAS app fly a grid with an off nadir camera angle?  Yes!

The drone will fly to the first waypoint of the grid mission and rotate the Gimbal to -89.

You can then use the left hand wheel of the controller to change the angle.

DJI-controllerSwitch to the live video screen to fine tune the angel



If you are 3D modeling a large terrain project with buildings on it, you might fly the whole thing with a nadir (-89) gimbal – then fly the whole site again with an off nadir gimbal.

This may give you better detail on the sides of the buildings.  The exact gimbal angle will vary by project, but is usually between -75 and -45.


The Full Story - Orbit Missions

Orbit missions are very useful for very tall objects like buildings, water towers and communications towers where the combination mission wont work.

This is a very simple mission where you can adjust the flight height and radius, and CIRRUAS will capture the images.

Several Orbits can be captured back to back to map tall objects.



We pre-programmed a gimbal angle, but feel free to change it using the right hand wheel on the controller.

DJI-controllerSee the video below for more help.


CIRRUAS Orbit Mission

The Full Story - Combination Missions

The CIRRUAS combination mission produces very good 3D models of cars and small structures.

cirruas_combination_missionKind of a secret (but no one reads the tutorial anyway) – the CIRRUAS App will fly as low as 5 meters above the ground.

This is dangerous for obvious reasons, but really helps to produce quality data on cars and car accidents.

Please practice a few Combination missions at 20 or 30 meters before attempting the 5 meter flight.

Choose the Combination Mission, then move the Green dot (tap and hold) to the center of what you want to map.

Tap and Hold on the red dot to adjust the radius of the Combination Mission:

adjust_missionAdjust the flight height to safely clear the tallest object near your mission.




Tap go, and watch the CIRRUAS app fly a Circle / Grid / Circle / Circle.  Tap on the live video icon if you want to monitor the camera angle.

live_screen*Pro Tip – If your android device has GPS – then you are the blue dot.  If the object you want to map does not show up in the imagery, then walk to the center of your mission and move the green dot to the blue dot.  Use the location of your android device to set the center of your combination mission.




See this video for more detail.

CIRRUAS Combination Mission

The Full Story - Free Flight Missions

We built the free flight mission for the odd jobs.

Maybe you are modeling only half of a building, a landslide in the mountains, or a mining pit that is 700 feet below your feet.

In these challenging situations you operate the drone while CIRRUAS captures the photos.

cirruas_free_flightCIRRUAS will capture still images based on XY distance or on a 3 second timer.



If you have a newer DJI drone with a 20 megapixel camera – remember we can only write a photo to the SD Card every 3 seconds.

Steady smooth flight is usually the best.

The Full Story - Full Motion Video (FMV) Missions

The CIRRUAS app is the fastest and easiest way to plot your DJI Video on an ESRI Map using the Full Motion Video (FMV) extension.

The Full Story - Camera Settings

Camera settings can make or break your project

The Full Story - Other Settings

These settings make sense to us, but in case you are unclear


In the event you can not fly a drone – we have included Osmo support

Known Issues

We do our best to fix all the bugs, but here is the list we are currently working on

Error Logs and Reporting

If you come across a bug – Let Us Know About It

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